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Alex's Twelth Birthday Photo

Alex 24 December 2015

December 24, 2015

Christina's Twenty-third Birthday Photo

Christina 25 December 2015

Christmas Day 2015

Three Generations

Troy, Jeffrey, Bob, and Andrew Rachel Stallings 24 December August 2015

Troy, Jeffrey, Bob, and Andrew
Christmas Eve 2015

"Family" Photo

Terry, Bob, and David

Terry, Bob, and David in the backyard in Westerville, Ohio.

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Wendy and Family in Iowa

Wendy and Family in Iowa 2013

Alex (left), Tim, Wendy, Christina, and Matthew visiting Tim's family in Muscatine, Iowa, July 2013.  Photo by Debby Stoddard.

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Earlier Photos of All Bob's Grandchildren

Oops!  The captions appear to be missing.

Ohio State's Underground Tunnels

Photo of OSU Underground Tunnel

Hey, Ohio State people!  Remember all those times when you walked across the Oval in January and February with the temperature below freezing and the winter wind blowing?  Remember thinking about the rumors that there were warm (steam-heated) underground tunnels linking all the buildings on campus, wishing that those rumors were true and how nice it would be to be able to walk to class in one of them, out of the elements?  Well, guess what.  The rumors were true; the tunnels do exist.  They were the subject of a story in the July–August 2012 issue of the Ohio State Alumni Magazine (pp. 10-13).  This photo by A. J. Zanyk is from pp. 10–11.  (Copyright © 2012 The Ohio State University Alumni Association, Inc.)  The complete article (in PDF; 4MB) is available by clicking here.

F. R. Billman's Photo of Bob

Robert Alan Eating Watermelon

As a rule, I don't like baby or childhood pictures.  However, this one is an exception.  It was taken while I was visiting my grandparents in Lewisville, Ohio, in about 1948 or 1949.  My grandfather, Frank R. Billman, took this photo of me eating a huge slice of watermelon.  For some reason, he had installed a temporary fence around the eastern half of their front yard, apparently to keep me from wandering into the road.

That's Ohio Route 78 in the background.  Route 78 runs 105 miles from Nelsonville to Clarington on the Ohio River.  Woodsfield, the county seat of Monroe County, is seven miles east of Lewisville on Route 78.

Ohio Route 78 Road Sign

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